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Spring Cleaning – time to declutter !

The days are getting longer and the urge to do some spring cleaning around the garden is now passing onto the house. It’s time to declutter somewhere – a cupboard, the wardrobes or my office.

It can be hard going through your own clutter but you feel a sense of freedom when the clothes are hung neatly together or the shelves, cupboards or your office are all tidy and you know that you will use the items you have kept and those that are going will be useful to others. Such a time saver having things that you need easily to hand. This article which appeared in the Daily Express – “Wave goodbye to bad clutter habits forever” includes useful tips on decluttering.

If you are pressed for time or need a hand or are even overfaced by the thought of decluttering then contact us for a free, no obligation consultation if you live in the North Cheshire or South Manchester area. If you live elsewhere we may be able to help you with a local contact …. please ask and we will do our best to help.

I am organised around the house but I’ve chosen my wardrobe for it’s annual review. What haven’t I worn over the past 12 months? Does it suit me or fit me? Does it need repairing – a button to be sewn back on or does a hem need attention – the small sewing jobs I can do myself otherwise I’ll take it to the alterations service I use. Does that pair of shoes need re-heeling? If so they’re taken to the cobblers. Is there really another reason for the item to be kept ? If not then it’s off for recycling.

I use the local charity shops of which there are many but I also use sites such as Freegle or Freecyle and these links take you to the North West region. I also use The Furniture Station which provides a great public service. If you have any bedding or towels for recyling your local pet sanctuary might find them useful but best to ring and check what they need before you drop any items off.

When Spring cleaning and decluttering be tough with your decisions …. do you really need it, are you really going to use it ever again? … otherwise the place you are decluttering will remain just as full/untidy when you have finished as when you started.


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