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” Moving the beast from the balcony !! “

” This week I have mainly been …. ” 

Thursday ……. it was time for the beast to be moved! 

That is the huge TV that needed to be removed from a balcony guest suite.  Since it had taken up residence the ordinary staircase had been replaced by a spiral one, now too narrow to carry the TV down.  My client had tried to get this done some time ago but the people had failed to get it shifted.  Would I succeed?  Well I didn’t have to physically move the beast myself thank goodness;  I found the correct straps to the job as well as two strapping chaps.

Once the TV had been tied up securely the first tricky bit was lifting it up over the edge of the balcony and then pivoting the TV though 180 degrees so it went down head first.  This was a real danger point as the weight of the tele might just to prove too much for the railing but the client had accepted the risk.  However it went very smoothly; my chaps were strong enough and they lowered it gently 15 foot to the ground before carrying it down to the hallway.  My client was thrilled to have the beast removed at long last. They have sent a text since saying they can’t believe the difference it has made – felt like a cloud had been lifted – which is more than we can say about the recent bad weather !


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